Cry of Beauty








are the visitors of creation  the witnesses of the body  of the sun of diamonds  of the green petals  of the making of honey and so HaHiYa touched everything in creation with participation and each was given a season  and creation was a garden for men of the worlds and magic to forever enjoy  Participation in creation was of mans choosing and creation became a lliving language to inspire all men  Our seeing one of feeling for the touch of HaHiYa is upon us all   We witness the endless mystery  the endless beauty of a natural form that works during our waking and sleeping hours  moving always in harmony  in complete steps through space into endlessness  man could put away his tools  his ships and his thoughts  would not creation go on as silently as ever   would not the stars shine and the worlds fly in their orbits  would not the waters run and the mountains raise themselves  would not the air be bright and the plants roots as deep as ever  and would not the weeping willow stand in prayer   their brown and green limbs ever reaching out in praise of creation   it is natural that we should mimic the creation  it is so grand  it speaks of the endless  silence of wisdom   of HaHiYa's great drama to inspire the worlds of men to be at peace to be silent and to know that HaHiYa is with the creation always.....  this is the Cry of Beauty


mind is imagination  the  deep   let us divide the waters and fill it with creation that it might shine  be still  the Cry of Beauty is singing

this is endless  endless


feel the silent magic

feel this endless warming glo....


                                   peace and peace and peace





HaHiYa  (the hand of life)


1. Whereby in the time of men  is it written than man knows the works of god or even my name unless I raise a servant to speak it.

2. I have placed my witnesses among men, in their capital places and among the lowest who till the soil.  Giving one to be over another and on streets as neighbors one to another to sow seeds for times to come.

3. I have placed upon their heads my character that I might know them in the day of coming forth.

4. Now the swift hour of ascension of my flower flies to the world and some stare as if blind. By my hand was the whole earth set upon itself, shifting left to right bringing men face to face.

5. Set the place of the eyes on distant shores where my chosen suffer. I will make man anew.  My chosen walk as if crippled, despised by  mankind they bicker amongst themselves for the wound is deep in a hallow place near the heart.

6. In due time I will  set a fire in their souls to awaken them from a hellish world they have come to know.  All men will know my hand is upon their shoulder and that I am the guide

under the soles of their women’s feet.  I will be a comfort to them and a judge and they will live their days in my bosom.

7. Man made them naked and shortened their years with the affliction of hard labor and

neglect.  But I will come with a quiet rain to soothe their aching backs. I will give them the water of life so that their thoughts will not faint or fall away.  These are my people bearing the pain of feeling alone and abused in the world.  Those who call themselves master are called upon to give an account of what they have done to the treasure of my heart.

8. The measure of my Creation is balanced on the scales.  Woe to the position holders who have acted as the final judge over those sent by me under the cover of servants.  Did you not think there was a message revealed in my book?  The dog is taught to guard the sheep and guide them on the path not set upon them with fangs and cunning leading them astray.  Is the fox  or other beast to blame if the dog pretends to be lame?

9.  See the morning creation arise, it is I, HaHiYa.  I change my face repeatedly so that you will never know which day I have chosen to come to see about mine.  I call my most trusted by name and he steps forward.  He brings me the bones of those that ache and have cried for me and place them in my hand.  And when they see me they rejoice and call me my by name.  HaHiYa

I hear them and let them know they are my people, welcome home, sit down while I close this door. I have much to reveal to my loved ones.